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CoinPayments API

Find out information about using the CoinPayments API.

APIs - CoinPayments

There are 2 ways to accept payments with the CoinPayments API: ... API calls are made as basic HTTP POST requests using the following variables: (note: The ...

Accepting Payments with the CoinPayments API

There are 2 ways to accept payments with the CoinPayments API: ... to assign a client an address they can use to "top up" any time this is the choice for you.

CoinPayments API | ProgrammableWeb

The CoinPayments API is designed to allow users to easily integrate the checkout system into ... Developers can use the interface to integrate transactions and.

Ccoinpayments - npm

Tips: You can setup your payment address, so you can use coinpayments as a pass thru service, rather ... Go to My Account -> API Keys , generate API key pair.

GitHub - MineSQL/CoinPayments: A Simplistic CoinPayment wrapper ...

Before you continue reading this, you should head over to https://www.coinpayments.net/merchant-tools-ipn#setup and make sure your account is ready to use ...

WordPress CoinPayments Exchange Rate Setup Instructions : Support ...

**If you do not use a php file editor, you are make your life much more difficult.** b. Create API Key, go to Coinpaymens.net, once logged in click My Account ...

How to use the API - Coinpay: Bitcoin Merchant Service Thailand

To use the API you must generate an API Key in your API Access area. ... This function allows you to convert any supported currency into CoinPay Bitcoin price.